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Materials Received from Department of Justice as Background

Initial Thoughts and Motivations

When we began this project we had input from an individual at the Department of Justice who has published articles and made presentations on the topic of developing publishing systems for government and legislative documents. We will start with her published articles, but we are free to come up with our own ideas, to leverage anything we can learn from the private and other public sector publishing (Lexis, Westlaw, CRS). The main questions that were posed include:

  1. What is the universe of legislative documents that we would focus on? Are there existing data models for these?
  2. What can we learn from Lexis, Westlaw, CRS in terms of profiling and modeling these documents? Is there room for new work in this area?
  3. Can we come up with an automated indexing strategy that would provide wider and better public access to the content?
  4. Legislative documents are written in "legaleese" - if we were to build a semantic profile for automated indexing, what vocabulary sources would we use?