Define Scope: Awaiting Denise to define the work

2 parts - and then she would take the lead - with our participation


DOJ Stakeholder - Joanne - TBD

Legislative bills and their histories
-Basic document structure

Carol - Technology firm, technologist for legal department in Microsoft, Document Management Systems ->also implementing KM solutions

Diamond - Lawfirm, librarian, Research Systems -> KM Phase, 22 offices, corporate law, 340 attorneys, 6 or 7 states

Margaret - Licensed attorney, NY, Ohio and MN?, Corporate Counsel, Financial Services - Corporate Counsel, in-house publisher, publish documents, electronic publication, JD, MBA, MPA -> management track, now Director 60 attorneys, financial services documentation for the banks, now in document management - larger companies, generated knowledge on file systems, desktops, not shared, content management project now
monitoring DOJ documentation

Department of Justice
Regulatory Impact

Legislators - statutes - Dodd Frank - creates regulation -> CFR

Background Notes:
Tool: Lexis Nexis and Westlaw - obtain legislative history - question is where they get it - if this is their proprietary knowledge
Bill, and any amendments until the current - and what bill amended that section
A statute has the